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Saddle Up Saloon; Secon’ Art Showin’

Bonnie Sheila is at the Saloon again!

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

“Whoa! What’s goin’ on Kid? I ‘spect ya ta be whiny an’ even cheesy, but didn’t ‘spect ya ta be servin’ wine an’ cheese so fancy like here at the Saddle Up Saloon.”

“It’s what ya do at art shows Pal. An’ this week we’re showin’ art; I roped a few visual artists inta sharin’ their work here at the saloon.”

“Thet’s great Kid.”

“Yep, we got some great work ta show, some artists ya mighta methere last June, an’ a couple a first timers. Done turned the Saloon inta a gallery. You an’ me Pal, we’ll jist git outta the way and keep cuttin’ cheese. Jist gonna let folks wander ‘roun, enjoy the sights an’ they kin chit chat an’ comment down below.”

“Hmmf. So… no innerviews?”

“Not this time Pal, jist gonna let the art speak fer itself. Though some a the artists have a bit a…

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She struggles for identity

This nomad of the ages

Alone in her search

She wades through pages

Of uncertainty. 

Happiness or despair 

Impossible to judge 

One without the other.

Beyond her shelter of safety

She treks through life’s uncertainties 

Seeking insight and inspiration.

Daring to test waters unknown

She yearns for personal identification

While wandering with little guidance

Into the abyss of self reflection.

Goal: Discovery of self