She struggles for identity

This nomad of the ages

Alone in her search

She wades through pages

Of uncertainty. 

Happiness or despair 

Impossible to judge 

One without the other.

Beyond her shelter of safety

She treks through life’s uncertainties 

Seeking insight and inspiration.

Daring to test waters unknown

She yearns for personal identification

While wandering with little guidance

Into the abyss of self reflection.

Goal: Discovery of self


27 years as school nurse – resignation poem

Headaches, stomachaches, and band-aids for cuts,

Information on flu, good hand washing a must.

Itchy heads, nosebleeds and coughs that don’t stop,

Try a glass of water, you don’t need a cough drop.

Skinned knees, rolled ankles, complaints, oh, so many,

A few minutes of rest, I doubt you’ll need twenty.

Communication with parents, by phone and by letter,

Please, keep your child home until the young one is better.

Immunizations, physicals, reports to the state,

Don’t make this your first stop or to class you’ll be late.

Now you may not believe this, but I know it’s true,

By the third week of June, I will be saying adieu.

It’s been quite an adventure, by any good measure,

To the future I’m looking, but the memories I’ll treasure.